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Brandon Lee Adams with guest star Sammy Shelor

The Life of a Musician

The Life of a Musician at its heart is an unscripted show that breaks down the many different lives that a musician can live. There are many widely known world famous musicians in the world today. There are also many levels that are not world famous. There are the Grammy winning songwriters, the amazing producers. There are the world-famous pickers that make the stars sound like stars. There are the gifted artists who just live to share the music they feel, with no need to be known worldwide. 


This show explores all the avenues that can be taken to express music as an art. Brandon Lee Adams sets down one on one with the Grammy winners, the pickers, and the under the radar talents. All these artists set down for an informal discussion that includes a bare bones acoustic performance of three songs. 


Season one is filmed in the beautiful city of Danville Virginia. Each episode is filmed in a different location. Artists shoot in everything from historic Victorian homes, local bookstores, newly renovated 5-star hotels, even the local garage bands garage. 


Come take a look at every aspect of “The Life of a Musician”.

Meet Your Host

“The music I make, I suspect like everyone, starts inside of me and it takes whatever it takes to get out of me,” states singer-songwriter and musician, Brandon Adams. He is a man of many hats as an artist, songwriter, guitarist, and session player. Brandon’s roots derive from Kentucky and West Virginia, which you can hear in his tasteful bluegrass meets traditional country repertoire.  

As an artist, his work started when he could walk. Adams listened and was moved by anything that could move him. A few of his influences include Tony Rice, Alison Krauss, and legendary songwriter, Bob Dylan. He admires Dylan’s poetic words and common sense phrases, and while he doesn’t try to write like anyone, he listens to so many. “Other than being my own person with my best attempt at my own sound, you can hear my heroes in my work. It’s important to me that I record as live as possible.”  

There is plenty of authenticity to be found in Brandon’s music with emotional lyrics and every track being recorded in a live studio setting in an electronic world. His first studio bluegrass album, ‘Hardest Kind of Memories’, was released in 2014. His influence, Tony Rice, is featured on the track, “I Long for Seventeen”. “Brandon is someone with their own voice,” stated Tony Rice after working with Adams on the track. This Virginia based singer-songwriter and guitarist certainly presents his own unique voice that takes you on a journey back in time with a natural, Appalachian feel. “If his debut indie album is any indication, Brandon is someone who is intent on carrying on the bluegrass tradition,” noted Peter Stone Brown from Up Against It blog.  

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